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  Cover Issue 14 INDUSTRY


Ever since that zombie dithered me pregnant
It has been one interview after another,
A tour of all the late night shows,
And four minutes on the national news.
I’ve turned down six requests for photographs
Of me buck naked, except for impossibly heeled
Shoes, with my signature pregnancy exaggerated and
A hand over the cold, decaying heart within.
I cannot
Fill every request. Men’s magazines
Want to do a tasteful spread, highlight
The woman who was sought for her brains
But traded on sex instead. I have been
Offered a fortune to allow full filming of the birth.
I cannot buy a chocolate bar at a half
Dark, half light, convenience store
Without a shower of media the next day
Proclaiming that this is what the zombie
Mother eats. What they really mean
Is the zombie fucker. The whore
Zombie fucker. I smile.
I bank the cash. I have my eyes
Set on a small place out in the Islands.
Once the birth is past, everyone assumes
I will put the monster up for adoption –
And I will. But what about
The father’s rights, they ask,
What about the father? I am
An old fashioned girl, and I twisted and
Rose erotically beneath him and idly bit
His head off as he came. That
Was that. Father? What rights has a dead
Man, who would have sucked the brains
Right out of me unless I had offered him
Something more? Dead
To rights he was. As will be
The murderous mangle, not yet
Alive and never to really be, that
Just as idly inhabits my womb and is
His so far quite profitable son.




Ken Poyner lives in the lower right hand corner of Virginia, with his power-lifter wife and a number of house animals. His 2013 e-book, “Constant Animals”, unruly fictions, is available at all the usual e-book sites; buy it, and feel good about saving jobs in the brewing industry. Recent work is out in Corium, Analog Science Fiction, Spittoon, Poet Lore, Mobius and many other places. He webs at www.kpoyner.com, where you can find links to purchase his book, more work, and stunning pictures of his wife lifting. Ken's poem, The Stray Marriage, appears in the October 2014 issue of HelloHorror.

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