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Artist's Statement

Emotions can be intense. Sometimes the emotions we feel seem to take over, to be more intense and real than the individual experiencing them. These experiences are beautiful, and horrifying. The bareness of them, the exposed momentary truth draws everyone in, and at the same time pushes them away. We relate to this intensity, but we are terrified that we relate. Many times the emotions we experience are difficult to sum up with words, they come out as things so raw, visceral and feral that words cannot define the experience in its entirety. Some things are too real to be described by reality. Images cannot define experiences either, but my art work is an attempt to show the raw intensity of being alive in a savage world.

Artist's Bio

Some say Seb Barnett was not born, but came out of a tree.

Seb grew up on the edge of the Olympic National Forest in the Pacific Northwest, on a farm but spent most of the time in the forest; climbing trees, tracking, building forts, fishing and exploring. Botany, entomology, ecology and the natural world in general was a great source of fascination, and is tightly woven into Seb’s art. As an adult Seb left the forest and went to the Emerald City of Seattle and became a student at Cornish College of the arts. After graduating in 2006, Seb crept back out to the valleys and woodlands of the Snoqualmie Valley to reside, and continue playing in wooded places, foraging, climbing trees and practicing archery.

Close enough to the city to interact with the art community of Seattle and yet out in the country far enough to fuel the love of the wild, Seb continues to forge a connection between the human condition and the natural world through art.


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