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the seagulls huddled on the beach, pressed together

seeking warmth from each other, the cold

of the corpses unearthed by the storm

was contagious. they swarmed over

the small bodies huddled just beneath the sand

noisy where they landed, brief gaps between white feathers

revealed fingers, a clenched fist

an arm exposed to the shoulder

a head of close-cropped blond hair.

the firemen came with hoses

the shrieks of angry birds could be heard
all the way down the beach.




Holly Day is a housewife and mother of two living in Minneapolis, Minnesota who teaches needlepoint classes for the Minneapolis school district and writing classes at The Loft Literary Center. Her poetry has recently appeared in Borderlands, Slant, and The Mom Egg, and she is the recipient of the 2011 Sam Ragan Poetry Prize from Barton College. Her most recent published books are "Walking Twin Cities" and "Notenlesen für Dummies Das Pocketbuch" and her novel, "The Trouble With Clare", is due out from Hydra Publications late 2013. You will find Holly's poem Vitae in the 2013 Halloween issue of HelloHorror and Unencumbered in the April 2014 issue.

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