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  Cover Issue 16 MY SISTER


My baby sister just came home
and the house is so disheveled
Mom and Dad are proud of her,
but I think she’s the Devil

The other night while I was sleeping
in my bed so snug
Something came into my room, creeping,
and left a bloodstain on the rug

The next day my pet hamster
was missing from his pen
There was just that curious stain
and no sign of him

Even though she is a baby
and cannot walk a step,
I think my sister ate him
She knew where he was kept

Other things have happened
to make me wonder how
this small child
could be so wild
At night I hear her growl!

My sister seems so sweet and cute
by the light of day
But when the sun sets
she creeps and frets
looking for some prey

Now I stay locked in my room
and late at night I pray,
“Oh Please, God!
Oh Please! Oh Please!
Just make her go away!”




AM Stephens sold her first nonfiction book at the age of sixteen. After writing dozens of nonfiction books, she became an award winning producer for the Cartoon Network for several years. Now, because of her lifelong love of horror, she strives to achieve a wonderful sense of the macabre with her fiction. Her poem "Mr. Raven" was published in "This Time Around: Connections." She has recently completed a collection of deliciously dark nursery rhymes and macabre poems entitled "Phantasmagory" that should be out by this October. She is also working on a series of novels; the detailed fictional back story of that series is currently being told in the popular The Darkland Chronicles blog.

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