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Gallery: Stephen Cooney




Artist's Bio

Stephen Cooney has been a fan of art for as long as he can remember. He's been into horror and fantasy art since an early age after watching fantasy films, which he then would try to copy. In his teenage years, heavy metal music and album covers influenced his art in a major way. Stephen has always wanted to work in designing album covers for heavy metal bands. After school Stephen went on to study art at Exeter college, but he soon discovered that he did not fit in at art school because the professor did not understand the dark side of his art. After years of painting he then met up with a tattoo artist who loved Stephen's work so much that he asked Stephen to design some tattoo flash for him. Unfortunately, the designing side of tattooing just wasn't enough for him so he went on to start tattooing himself- with the help from a professional tattooist. After years of successfully tattooing many clients, he then decided to give painting another go. Stephen is still enjoying painting to this day. Although most of his work has been horror and fantasy, he is always willing to try new projects on different subjects. Stephen is influenced by Derek Riggs , Ken Kelly , Edward J Repka and all artists who design album covers. If Stephen is not playing the guitar, then painting is his first love. Stephen is married to Amanda and they have two children- Hayley and Steven.

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