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  Cover Issue 17 I WANT


In the autumn broken by the tears … gooseflesh permeates the wind!!

the secrets of the stars don’t confide in me..

my poor hands die with their back to the wall while the azure is cremated among the instants of gloom..

And this sharp letter turns in the air but doesn’t fell…the grids of the sky!!

a troop of wary looks bounce on the clear veins of the stunned Spring!!

no one has ever taught me to ride life as if it were a souvenir…that goes through everyone’s hands but stays… in no one’s!!.

And I undo the shoes of this soul..so that it can calmly see…its dreams go away..
but it’s not enough to burn in the ferment of a Sun that throws every callow hope out of the universe..

I don’t want to grow older in the splendour of any old age..

I don’t want to live in the wretched peace of those who never risk their lives!!

I want to risk dying while trying to eek out every love hidden behind the knee pads of a heart that even fears…its own shadow…!!

I want to risk dying…in the frenzy of the night that bares its most beautiful moon!!

in the damnation of a stubborn poem that puts the wind ..in eternity’s wake!!

I want to risk dying while scattering the orange dawns at the foot of the cross..
while cultivating monstrous horizons that crumble when..the stars’ saliva rises up from the clouds’ lips!!

I want to risk dying..in the reckless fantasy that puts the sea to sleep...and invites the ships to pass..

I’m leaving…in the winter strangled by the last word of my visions…

the years that disappear will be enclosed in a room that they won’t be able to leave..

my penniless eye bags will only taste ..the offshoots of Hades..

but this vain passion peeks at tomorrow while laying resurrections ..over the world’s death!!

Hordes of fantasies slip on the immature hiccup..of all my indecisions
no one has ever taught me to deal with life as if it were...death’s appetite!!
I slip powerless into the arms of the flaming obituary that already has a taste for..all my childlike innocence..

it’s not enough to see the world with the eyes of a yellow rose slapped by drops of rain....without a trace of a heart!!

I don’t want to grow old in the heart-wrenching pre-eminence of any melancholy…

I don’t want to live in the sacred soul of a man who opens himself ..to Hell’s nocturnal bosom!!

I want to risk dying..by falling asleep in the nest where the thoughts arise to unhinge the Apocalypse’s courage!!

I want to risk dying..while lending my eyes to the kite blinded by the Sun!!

I want to risk dying …while collecting the colours left in midair…by the orange dawns…

I want to risk dying..while giving my heart..to the cloud or moon that kiss..while they seem to hide…

When we manage to chain the remains of our dreams to the sky….then we are ready..to die.




Dorian Dyler is a pseudonym: the author is Italian and writes fiction and poetry. From the young age of 6, Dorian Dyler began writing poetry. His poetry collection, Shooting Stars, is available at Amazon for only $1. He can be reached for feedback at doriandyler@yahoo.it .

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