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  Cover Issue 17 COME AND GO


rhino, tiger, pangolin,
buffalo, lion all bare grin
from severed heads
about my den

dark shadows dance
in futile gire,
unhinged offspring of a
dimming fire

I tryst a maid
skin waxen white,
with veined eyes
that favor night

each eve she perches,
at my chair
(you know, of course
she is not there)

she hovers here
again today
I hope and pray
she’ll go away

go away, go away,
darken not my door
go away, go away
then visit me some more

specter large or
specter small
is obliged to visit
one and all

some are shy, others
bolder, each
anchored firm to
its beholder

have no fear
oh reader dear
’tis not a mark
the end is near

so…should you draw
this baffling lot,
do what I do
…see them not




Ned Pendergast is educated along classic lines, but his work runs the gamut of unbridled expression from experimental, narrative free form, rhyme and miscellaneous assigned custom constructed forms. Ned’s work has earned a few awards along the way and has found publication in Canada, Europe, Australia, Near East and the USA. He is a native San Franciscan with family.

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