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  Table of contents Issue Eighteen BORDERLAND, SOUTHWEST US


Sere plane the earth’s
dry skin, dusty pocks and
geologic pustular weepings here.

The hot-headed sun
irradiates sheer tissue
loosing rogue genetics--
off-colored scorpioids with
blank-faced baby heads,
blackened land crabs with
scissory attachments, clicking,
newly upright bipeds with
ruddy necks and all reflex--
bad alchemies on a rough surface.

Mountains jagged as canines
crashed through burnt-cracker
plates to perch carrion eaters
sharp eyed for fresh death
on this salted pan unsparing.




James Robert Rudolph is a retired psychologist and teacher having returned to old haunts in northern New Mexico after a busy career in Minneapolis. He is attempting a resurrection of poetry and playwriting interests and finds Santa Fe a rich, if not always willing, muse. Creatively he aspires to the crafting of work that expresses honest experience in beautiful language, complex or simple, as serves the work’s purpose.

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