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  Table of contents Issue Eighteen BONES IN THE THAMES


Old Julia Thomas
Is just bones in the Thames
And bones ain’t got no memories
And bones can’t speak no names
Some say she died well easy
Some say she died well hard
Some say her fat was sold:
Penny drippings, penny lard

Julia had a servant
Katie Webster was her name
Julia had a temper
And Kate she had the same
One day they had a barney
With a cry and curse and shout
Julia took a fall then
And Katie choked her out

Kate she did the laundry
In a grand old copper pot
So she set the lye to boiling
And a razor Katie got
Julia she did cut then and
Cooked meats away from frames
In the kettle, out again:
Just bones in the Thames




Max Sparber is a journalist, playwright and historian from Minneapolis, MN.

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