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  Table of contents Issue Nineteen THE THIRD PERSON


Dazza pushes boards apart
and finds a place to hide
Dazza feels it on his face
and lets it crawl inside.
Dazza knows the numbers
of all his workmates' homes.
Dazza stands in bushes
taking pictures with his phone.

Dazza wakes when darkness
and silence are entwined.
Dazza rides his bike to
the reservoir each night.
Dazza shotguns aerosols
and cider all alone.
Dazza sits with shadows
and whispers into holes.

Dazza wheels the trolley
and hands out cups of tea.
Dazza sees them falling
and knows it’s time to leave.
Dazza sells his car beneath
the arches for a song.
Dazza buys a ticket to
the place it all went wrong.

Dazza takes a room
in the hotel by the lake.
Dazza hears the antlers
just before he wakes.
Dazza peels the fields apart
and joins his mother's bones.
Dazza's always best at doing
just as he is told.




GJ Hart currently lives in Brixton, London and is published or cued in The Legendary, Yellow Mama, Spelk Fiction, Schlock Magazine (UK), Horror Within Magazine, Three Minute Plastic, Literally Stories, Fiction on the Web, Shirley lit mag, The HFC journal, Under the Fable, The Unbroken Journal, The Pygmy Giant, Flash Fiction Magazine, The Drabble, The Squawk Back and 521 Magazine, Visual Verse and Fewer Than 500 Magazine. GJ’s story, The Boredom of Mr. Blake, appears in the Spring 2016 issue of HelloHorror.

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