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Gallery: Andrew James Woodyard




Artist's Bio

Andrew James Woodyard is originally from Running Springs, California, in the San Bernardino Mountains. He wrote and drew webcomics for a few years, and was the writer and publisher of a web series called Supernaturals Presents which is available to read online. He's had artwork, fiction and poetry published in the 2014 and 2015 issues of Phineas Literary Magazine, as well as the 2015 issues of Morpheus Tales, Statement, Inlandia and The Realms Beyond. He's currently an illustration student at Cal State Fullerton.

Artist's Statement

Art is weird and so am I. I love the traditional use of perspective and the interplay between light and shadows. At the same time I'm drawn to the abstract and the macabre. My work ranges from mechanically themed abstract drawings with a limited use of perspective to depictions of horrifying nightmares. I primarily use a variety of markers and pens for my work, which allows me to produce work with an obsessive amount of detail, while at the same time leaving great expanses of white negative space open to balance out the extreme complexity. In addition, my work is framed with a backbone of thick graphic lines of solid black that gives it a bold IN-YOUR-FACE look. More than anything, my work is full of patterns which make it interesting to get up close to and study, but at the same time when you step back you'll see the complete picture out of all the detail. I find myself moving toward a more gestural style with more uneven, jagged lines in big, bold, black strokes of ink, and with splashes of color with strong highlights in-between all of that. I'm particularly interested in themes of world culture, human evolution, science fiction, feminism and gender equality. My work has been influenced by contemporary artists like Jeff Soto, Brian Cooper, Susan Logoreci, and Sam Bernal: all very modern artists who use very detail-oriented styles with their work, and often strong graphic styles as well. In addition, I've always been inspired by artists like Piet Mondrian, Andre Derain, and Franz Kline.

Past Exhibitions

I've shown artwork at the Center Gallery at Cal State Fullerton, the Gresham Art Gallery in San Bernardino, the Redlands Art Association Gallery, and the Avantgarden Gallery in Santa Ana.

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