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  Table of contents Issue Twenty JOUSTING WITH BEELZEBUB


Every evening
shadows anonymously die
in the fading light
disillusioned by contemptuous eyes
the hypocrisy of amorality
inherited aggression
and disenchantment
with posturing politicians.

Dismembered moments
incompatible views
despicable despots
kings of sin
streamlined lies
outrage and dismay
the desolation of despair
persisting before disintegrating
like the threads of a spider’s web.

Human sausage meat
fresh flowers dying in vases
a solitary song
surrounded by the lilt of sound
devotees of profligacy
breeding needs
chasing demons
deceived by hopes
with nothing left but emptiness.




Ken W. Simpson is an Australian poet whose latest collection, Patterns of Perception, was published by Augur Press (UK) last January and who has had more than fifty poems accepted for publication this year. He lives with his family at Lysterfield, a Melbourne suburb, in the state of Victoria. Ken's poem Virtuosity appears on the Summer 2015 issue of HelloHorror.

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