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  Table of contents Issue Twenty PIN PRICK


for you, I sew my hand
into a piece of mending
the silver point
pokes through the fabric
pierces my finger tip
emerges below my nail

a straight stitch
through five fleshy digits
a clean pattern, like a star

the thread wiped clean
with a bloody rag
I continue along my arm
the outer seams of my body

covered in tiny holes
I can’t understand

why my heart won’t let me sleep




Kella Hanna-Wayne is based in Eugene, Oregon and has been published in several print and online publications, including Cast Macabre, The Cynic, and Uttered Chaos. She specialized in poetry about abuse, depression, and feminism, and she has a book of poems on abuse and recovery entitled "Pet" that she's working on getting published. She sings, plays guitar, bakes constantly, hosts and DJ's an Argentine Tango event, and loves cats.

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