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  Table of contents Issue Twenty WHAT FIVE DAYS UP WILL DO


There is a lofty gaunt man standing beside my window.
A long-necked, long-legged bird perhaps, very still.
The contour vague in this dark, hard to know.

There is a tiny gaunt woman in the clothes hamper.
A small limbed, small clawed crustacean rustling shirts.
The closet seems remote, I’d know my laundry.

There are several dotards inside my mattress.
A swarm of vermin throbbing coils, vermin prodding sheets.
The bed where I lie shuddering, I know this.

There is a child floating above my pillow.
A mesh of webbing, latticed ocelli blankets light.
A spider-jaw, the itsy bitsy. I’m known to see it.

I turn from it, catch an eyeful of afternoon rays.
The man-bird drawing back curtain.
Then black.




Erric Emerson is a poet residing in Philadelphia, PA. His work has appeared in Collage, Neon, Gingerbread House, Control, Mead, and Prairie Margins. He is the former Co-Editor of Poetry for Duende literary journal. His forthcoming short story "Wednesday" will be published in the newest issue of Blood Moon Rising in April of 2016.

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