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  Table of contents Issue Twenty STILLBORN


The curtain gathers more thickly, quickly – falling,
it is snaking at my feet. Its head and eyes disappear
as if part of a magician’s trick. It is flagging off with its tail.

There is warm water pooling from the salt on the edge --
I realise that this death is not killing me,
I am a wavery river and my snug, loving belly is beckoning me.

I dangle between two cliff-sides as stark
as two giant pelvic girdles. There is no mothering here.
In this wind-full valley, the echoes are heavy and resonant.

The darkness braids its thick rag rugs. How I hang
and starve in position! In the stocks, I am framed and neglectfully contained,
the bulky muscle precariously untwines

the umbilical cord. I am being pushed and I keep swinging wider and wilder.
I am a monstrous bucket and the panic of it is sloshing its hot black needles.
I must stop it from tilting, from sprouting and flourishing like the sinister

crown of a tree. There is a cackle flickering – the parody
is mocking what I have made of life.
O summers of childhood, when my pieces

were unaware. When trees were robed and disrobed Godfully
and their gestures were sure. My eye-sockets are hollow, spinning tunnels.
Their amnihooks are slipping and their wheeling whorls are sucking them in.




Annie Blake is an Australian-born poet with a focus on Relationships, Social Justice and the division and the union of the Self. Her poem, “These Grey Streets” has been nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize and is forthcoming in The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2015. She is excited about the process of individuation, research in psychoanalysis, philosophy, and sociology. She is a former teacher who lives in Melbourne with her husband and five kids. You can visit her on Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads and annieblakethegatherer.blogspot.com.

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