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John E. Richards Wraith

"Wraith" by John E. Richards


John E. Richards is a native of Wisconsin and has a strong interest in all things macabre and supernatural. The interest in drawing began early and his influences have been the black and white penned renditions of Frank Frazetta, Berni Wrightson, Neil Adams and John Buscema. His first works consist of an illustrated flash fiction collection entitled A Last Breath and a follow on volume, Cailleach Teine. The latest accomplishment is a novel, The Moths Of Autumn, and is a stand alone story. The theme and subject matter of these tales would be akin to rural backwoods folklore brought to life, with quill and ink rendtions to accompany each original written selection. On a lighter side, John is a co-creator and artist for the recently arrived childrens' Halloween character, Harvest Jack: 13 Nights Of Hallow. Always preferring a non-traditional approach to the darker places and what may live there, fans of his work who peer into those caverns will never be disappointed by what looks back at them. In addition to creating an ever expanding collection of images reflecting what may live out there in the woods, fields, bogs and barns of our imagination, Mr. Richards continues to breathe life into what we have always imagined to live outisde the safety of lamplight and campfire.

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