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t the moment…this is my life….

Staring at red fluid in plastic bags worth more than gold in the underground market where fangs and freaks will bite off the cock of a buffalo if they thought it would bring nirvana or a passport into the blackest of night.

This ain’t household paint heaved about by a half-drunk homeless nome hired to spruce up the basement walls usually covered with cobwebs and vomit.

This isn’t no greasy-spoon ketchup poured on dog-meat burgers to cover up the nasty aftertaste of animals not meant to be eaten by western civilization.

This ain’t no corporate pseudo-Mexican salsa chunky and cheeky at a big suburban party where the only thing authentically Spanish cleans the house every morning.

This isn’t no high school punch spiked with every spirit known to Larry’s Liquor Store on the downtown corner of UpYours Blvd and MikeHunt Avenue.

This is pints of whole American blood I am stealing to fund my family’s lifestyle. I make a fortune selling to vampires who are secretly pillars of the community. I even went back to school.

What I am doing is moral and saves the community from the ravages of undead dickheads chowing down on every unsupervised child.

I give them what they need and keep the world safe. I give them what they need and pretend I am more than a hospital security guard.

I give them what they need: Blood.

And they give me what I need: Hope. Hope the fuck someone understands all of this shit. Because they can’t stop drinking, and frankly, neither can I.




Mark Antony Rossi's poetry, criticism, fiction, and photography have appeared in The Antigonish Review, Another Chicago Review, Bareback Magazine, Black Heart Review, Collages & Bricolages, Enclave, Expound, GloMag, Gravel, Flash Fiction, Japanophile, On The Rusk, Purple Patch, Scrivener Creative Review, Sentiment Literary Journal, The Sacrificial ,Wild Quarterly and Yellow Chair Review. http://markantonyrossi.jigsy.com

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