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  Table of contents Issue Twenty-three THE LIGHTHOUSE ABOVE THE GRAVEYARD


for Frank Stanford: 1948–1978

I am the keeper, the manager
of dim-wick ammonia. Blue goblets
rage at noontide, varicose flowers
bloom; an old woman’s leg
walking to kneel. I wind solvents
for yard lines running in butterfly wings,
tracing their crippled beats,
keeping score. Pure iodine
and enunciate palmistry
(along with a little love)
is what keeps my sedate island
in good order. Bumps in the sand
knock and knock; I get around
most nights. It can be
beautiful, watching the tide
kiss our namesakes away




John Thomas Allen is from Upstate New York though he travels to the city often. He has edited three different anthologies, all three of which included writers of speculative poetry and also writers one would term mainstream. In my first book, “Nouveau’s Midnight Sun: Transcriptions From Golgonooza and Beyond”, in 2014 he formed a group of diverse poets (everyone from David Lehman to poet John Olson) and formulated a surrealist/ Neosurrealist vision for the anthology. The poems “Camphor Body” and “The Sleeper In Transit” are from an upcoming book entitled “Fake Shemp”, about a deranged extra. He has poems emerging in Surreal Poetics, The Cimmaron Review, Veil: a Journal of Dark Musings, and two other places.

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