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  Table of contents Issue Twenty-five WALKING ACROSS OTTER CREEK BRIDGE


leaning over the railing
on my way to school
I’d stare into the foam.
This is where the girl
with a secret baby
inside her leaped into
the whirlpool, mangled
as the logs. I imagine
her flung past the wheat
fields the early settlers
farmed trailing old
spoons and knives,
pottery that would be
washed smooth by
the river as the town’s
spires rose to the sky
line and a friend yelled
we’d be late for the
bell and the voices of the
gone dissolved in mist




Lyn Lifshin's Another Woman Who Looks Like Me was published by Black Sparrow at David Godine October 2006. (Also out in 2006, her prize-winning book about the famous, short-lived beautiful racehorse, Ruffian: The Licorice Daughter: My Year With Ruffian from Texas Review Press. Lifshin’s other books include Before it’s Light, published Winter 1999-2000 by Black Sparrow Press, following their publication of Cold Comfort in 1997 and 92 Rapple from Coatism.: Lost in the Fog and Barbaro: Beyond Brokenness and Light at the End, the Jesus Poems, Katrina, Ballet Madonnas, Light at the End, Tsunami as History, Lost Horse, Drifting, Mirrors. For other books, bio, photographs see her website:: www.lynlifshin.com

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