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  Table of contents Issue Twenty-six THE URGES OF APES


The Sistine Chapel has been invaded by mutated plants
That wear the black light skins of a sixties head shop
First you dream then you don’t exist at all
Like a red cobra in tomato plants
Now that I am trapped in a Twilight Zone episode
Where I walk down weird robot streets that are just like a jungle
And where rat trap hotels become my isolation tanks
As lithe billboards on Sunset Boulevard bear the crimson marks of their own strangulations
And I have been confined to a dark room that has a tiger like suppleness
Whose black cat and black hen doorstep is like a nightmare smiling up at me
Until I am in search of a new perch of altered states of consciousness
As I float in a Cretaceous Sea alone in a strange land of monkey cranium implants
Where the seamy underbelly of mind expansion is a ragtag striptease
That has all the lumbering death chomp of some indecipherable haiku
And now that I am horned and winged and taloned and gifted with unique vocal cords
I say unto you that I will teach you the true meaning of fear
That slits your throat at just the right moment of kaleidoscopic deluge
As the last rites of Satan on earth get performed in some despicable field of sugar cane
That exists largely only in your brain
And then only for a brief moment or two.




Ken L. Jones, after beginning his career as a writing assistant to movie producer Brian Yuzna and a stint at Disney Studios as a cartoonist has published everything imaginable in his forty-year career but he always keeps coming back to his first love, the world of horror. In the last decade, he has gained renown not only for short stories but even more so for his poetry. His horror poetry has appeared everywhere including several solo volumes thus far. Most recently his traditional poetry has appeared in a chapbook called Dreams of Somewhere Else published by Prolific Press.

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