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  Table of contents Issue Twenty-six COUNTRY RADIO


Sinewy and coarse twine
biting into bound ankles,
like fine teeth gnawing
and ripping into the soft flesh
of a Georgia peach.

Heavy boots and lumbering
footsteps on damp earth,
over emerald vines and branches,
roots pleading with serpentine tendrils.
Cigarette smoke.
Music from the Chevrolet,

Coffee grinds under worn rubber soles,
an axe gleaming with ghastly twilight.
Screams muffled from behind stuffed
Chinese cotton. A downward swing.
Luke Bryan singing from the




Matthew David Laing writes from the Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada. Matthew has had poetry and short fiction published by Bewildering Stories, The Corvus Review, and Three Drops from a Cauldron, to name a few.

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