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  Cover Issue 13 A DRUDGE'S TALE


the girl's fine bones

that wore his chains

grew bent and thick

beneath the load

her wistful gaze

grew dim and cold

her voice got harsh

and hot and mean

the years revolved

in servitude

as he gave neither

praise nor blame

she but a shadow

or a tool

no helper with a heart

or name

but on the night

at last she broke a cleaver

in his skull

that boiled up

in blood and pus

she shouted at his draining eyes

master you have made me thus




Anna Sykora has been an attorney in NYC and teacher of English in Germany, where she resides with her patient husband and three enormous cats. To date she has placed 355 poems and 133 tales, mostly genre, in the small press. Writing is her joy. Motto: eat your rejections like pretzels.

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