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  Cover Issue 13 SUPREME BEING


I cut my ears off at the jaw

my tongue off at the mandible.

There will be no listening, no persuasion,

no talking and there will be no confessing.

I cut my feet off at the ankles

my hands off at the wrist.

There will be no writing, no praise,

no walking and there will be no dancing.

You cut my ovaries off at the uterus

my vagina off at the cervix.

There will be no offspring, no produce,

no sex, and there will be no love.

You cut my breasts off at the breastbone,

my eyelids off at the brow.

There will be no redemption, no life.

But I will be a pure, watchful being.




Brittany Owens is a lifelong writer who is in the law enforcement field. This is her first publication and she thanks the moon and the stars for their company during the long nights and their inspiration always.

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