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  Cover Issue 13 THE RAT


I drew a sailboat with a broken stick in wet sand

as little Indian girl read my fortune:

There is a rat in your house which will kill you

unless you kill it first.

Submerged in the bathtub,

Through gray, brackish water I spy

a massive figure in a red wool sweater, my mother,

stoops down, plunging her hands

as a noose; tighter, tighter she squeezes.

She whispers:

I am the rat, come to kill you,

I am the rat, come to kill you,

a lullaby.




Carolyn D. Elias is an author who lives in Hancock, Minnesota with her husband and two cats. She writes poetry and short stories. Carolyn’s most recent publication, Mother, was published by Sassafras Magazine in April, 2014. Carolyn also works as a freelance editor. Snowblood’s Journal, a book edited by Carolyn, was published by Arbutus Press in June, 2014. Connect with Carolyn at www.carolyndeliasauthor.squarespace.com or on twitter, @CarolynDElias.

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