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  Cover Issue 2 BAGGAGE

Chuck Lovatt


“Why would you do this?”


“Do what?”


“Take my heart and break it into a million pieces.”


“What’s so special about your heart? People get hurt, it’s just the way of the world.”


“But I love you!”


“Love! Is that what that was? How can you stand to be so pathetic?”


“I would have done anything for you!”


“Exactly my point!”


“But what about all those times we spent together? I thought you were happy.”


“Look, I’m not that person anymore, okay? Things change. I change – you change – everybody changes. What’s so difficult to understand about that?”


“I don’t believe you.”


“You better believe it, buster; we’re done!”


“I hate it when you use that tone!”


“Yeah? Well, I guess you’re in luck then, ‘cause you’ll never have to hear it again, will you?”


“How can you be so flippant about this…so fucking cold?”


“Am I? Maybe I am at that. Maybe I’m the coldest, cruelest bitch that you’ll ever meet. Why would you want anything to do with someone like that?”


“Because it’s not you, that’s why.”


“Oh, but it is, mister. You’d better believe that it is! Oh God! Now what are you doing? Are those tears? You gotta be kidding me!”


“Heartless cunt!”


“Look, this has been real, but there’s somewhere I have to be.”


“No, wait!”


“Now what?”


“You’re forcing me to do this, you know?”






“Hey, is that a knife?”




“You don’t have the balls!”


“You said it yourself – people change.”






Chuck Lovatt lives near the tiny hamlet of Carroll, Manitoba (pop +/- 50), on the Canadian prairies (and yes, it is cold up there sometimes). An award winning author, several of his short stories have been lauded in that country, as well as the UK. His debut novel, “The Adventures of Charlie Smithers” was released in November, 2012. He strongly recommends that you purchase a copy.  You can follow Chuck on his website http://chuck-storyriver.blogspot.ca  or on his Amazon Author Page Chuck's micro,Baggage, appears in the April 2013 issue of HelloHorror.

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