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A smile of fangs bleached and sterilized to dissolved perfection

and of lips, red and all consuming;

A blazing color that smells

Deliciously of hot anger

and the steaming blood on a double edged dagger

A lack of depth in the hollow cravings crawling over her skin

Pale as death,

Yet glowing, kissed with a red moon,

As if her essence were an all-consuming, all destroying flame

Slaughtering rivals will one fell touch

Hair, feral and ravenously cascading down her white-scarred back,

As if Hades' river of lost and itching souls

Was black as night and smooth as a skulking spider's silk

The waves flood over her cackling eyes of crabgrass ivy,

Growing over you and your fancies

And all the fancies you will ever have.

For in those eyes of innocent, pleasing, pestering, enraptured fixation

Is Man Incarnate

And all he will ever want and need

And there is no escape from her shining shrieks of hideously divine beauty




Hana Khalyleh or Emerald-Alexandria (as she is sometimes published under) is 18 years old and lives in Arizona. She has been writing almost obsessively from the age of 10, and her work often carries dark themes. She lives in a small apartment in Phoenix with her boyfriend and their pet rabbit Chiyami, and hopes to one day finish a novel.

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