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Halloween Issue 2013

HelloHorror Readers,


Thanks for giving our fifth issue a look. Though we haven’t reached any monumental anniversaries just yet, this is certainly an issue full of firsts. Most importantly, it’s our first Halloween issue. Here at HelloHorror, we all treat the most revered (and probably only) horror holiday a little differently. We have candy dispersers, party goers, haunted house aficionados, but each of us understands the importance of the holiday as it pertains to the genre. That’s why we’ve decided to include more than double the usual content for this month, as well as to publish our first nonfiction works.


Look out for our first Interview, with actor William S. Hart, a regular zombie on AMC's "The Walking Dead". Additionally, you’ll find two book reviews written by the HelloHorror staff. We’re hoping that the inclusion of these works will inspire submissions from nonfiction writers that are interested in the horror genre.


This issue also marks the first contributor cover (and our second visual contributor). This awesome cover, by artist Raechel Alexis Gasparac, is the beginning of our increased focus on visual submissions as another way to help diversify the journal. Readers spoke and we listened. And we are still (and always will be) looking for more suggestions from our readers, so please feel free to contact us with any great ideas.


Amidst all the new content, we have more than few returning writers this issue. Gary Clifton graces us with another story featuring the seductive Margot Platt (his best so far, in our opinion), Chris Castle brings us another chilling (but tasty!) zombie tale, Jessica Bowers returns to set our hairs on end, Roo Bardookie pens another unsettling micro, and Kerry Hartjen, who gave us goose bump worthy poetic verse in the last issue, returns with an equally eerie follow-up.


Whether you are a new or returning reader, we think you’re going to enjoy this issue.


But, if you don’t,


we don’t care,


we’ll pull down


your underwear….



Happy Halloween!

The Hello Horror Staff

October 13th, 2013






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