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  Cover Issue 9 PETALS


I let my fingers run

Through their fingers

As we float on our backs

On silent chalky waters

Where branches claw up

Limbs dip down

Unsettling milky murk

The tight air pinching

Exhausted eyelids closed

Four fish bellies flop apart

In kaleidoscopic symmetry


Wood bumps up against

A trailing bloodless leg

Bolting open an eye to the

Smashed pieces of our boat

Floating flowers

Books and baby photos

The body will wriggle,

Flit in sleep paralysis

Lips twitch for words

Rising to the panic

Of cling film stretched

Quietly over the face

Making breath balloon

In inverted bubbles


Into the nose and mouth.




Lucy Winrow has a PhD in the poetry of Selima Hill and teaches poetry part-time at Salford University, UK; her research interests include embarrassment, shame, guilt and violence. She has had poems published in anthologies and journals in the UK and America including Popshot, Orbis, Ariadne's Thread and Puppywolf's anthologies The Best of Manchester Poets Vol 2 and Vol 3.

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