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  Cover Issue 12 HALI (BYSELF)


A shoreless, boundless sea

Kicked up by the cold storm

Swallowing the ivory tower.

A shoreless, boundless sea

Hiding hunting serpents and

Gaunt faces in the chaos

Kicked up by the cold storm,

An explosive transformation

Beckoning the end of ages,

Swallowing the ivory tower,

The tower of Babel, our folly,

To the sound of beating drums.

In a house of mirrors the yellow king

Harrows sixty-nine reflected tiers.




R. Donald James Gauvreau has been published by Inner Sins and Tales of the Talisman. He has also written an introduction to comparative mythology, available as a free PDF at his website. He publishes story ideas and free fiction (currently including a sci-fi/horror serial) every week, at whitemarbleblock.blogspot.com

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