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  Cover Issue 4 THE LANDSCAPE


Hate clouds

with angels

rained venom on our town,

deformed mouths,

death songs downloading to a crowd

on a cracked paved road

without crossings, drowning

the dawn that died to dusk.

The shape of moon swallowed sky

and a distant funnel cursed

over a slanted mouth, a deep crevice,

and a rock mouth dead as earth.

How it waited for thin souls,

a black hole salivating thirst.

How we looked upon it in the

winds that wisped shallow breaths of earth.

Now our forms of black dust

began to scream our voiceless screams,

across the landscape of the cursed.







Richard Crawford is a senior student at Columbia College Chicago, majoring in Creative Writing.  His poetry is included in Criminal Class Review Volume 6.  Richard’s website is www.richardjohncrawford.com.

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