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  Cover Issue 6 O HOLY TREES


Hazel, Ababel, Yggdrasil, Sephirothal

Fir, Oak, Hazel, sycamore

Bodhim, Tzite, Gogard, Lampun

Not for food or for wood

Not for knowledge or for good

Not for beauty or for birds

Not for air or for herds

Not for money or for soil

Well...not if using foreign oil

Not for immortality or life

Not for fire, not for light

But the rope, to set you free

On the holy Christmas tree






Roman Sirotin is a Russian misanthrope, golden god, dancer, musician, artist, and photographer. Spends his time turning noises into musical genius, forgotten places into visual masterpieces, and a ghost girl into a muse. He also does impersonations of Sean Connery, and a variety of animals. www.romansirotin.com.

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