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  Cover Issue 11 DUALITY


Hedonic treadmill

And transhumance.

Just as periphery and penumbra.

Vague ambiguity

A city of embers makes for July heat in December.

Winter melancholy gripped the arsonist as he walked away,

Snowflakes melting before his eyes.

Sleet fell gently this time.

Defeat felt well beyond the chime of a cracking support beam.

Years are marked by road signs displaying caution, yield, danger.

Fears. The clouds are heavy, weighing themselves down.

We beg for more but when it rains, it pours.




Sergio Murillo is an amateur artist with aspirations in music and writing. He has been writing poetry since childhood and hopes to finish his first complete novel manuscript by the end of this year. A native to Arizona with a passion for expression, he finds value in mystery and light handed commentary. He believes in description without explanation; leaving a lot to the imagination. This is his first published work.

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