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I unlock the singing door
And step, as contact artist, in:
No match for the broomsticks,
No sympathetic sound for the unmatched socks.

My fingers are carrying me on their tips.
I am the sex of a fourteen year old girl
In love with the high school football team:
Every foul one of them.

My voice stirs paint with one hand,
Parts the turpentine with the other.
No one will bring me my name,
And at the last I will be bandaging mirrors.

You have me with discourtesy wrapped in discontent.

Please wait while I settle my watch
With the new time zone, and myself catch up
With all this unwarranted spinning.
I am grateful for all indulgences.

Now I can frighten the children.




Ken Poyner lives in the lower right hand corner of Virginia, with his power-lifter wife and a number of house animals. His 2013 e-book, “Constant Animals”, unruly fictions, is available at all the usual e-book sites; buy it, and feel good about saving jobs in the brewing industry. Recent work is out in Corium, Analog Science Fiction, Spittoon, Poet Lore, Mobius and many other places. He webs at www.kpoyner.com, where you can find links to purchase his book, more work, and stunning pictures of his wife lifting. Ken's poem, The Stray Marriage, appears in the October 2014 issue of HelloHorror, his poem Industry appears in the Spring 2015 issue and his poem On the Side of the Law appears in the Halloween 2015 issue.

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