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  Table of contents Issue Twenty THREE VAMPYR LADIES


The carriage creaked to a sudden stop
in a fog rid courtyard at a craggy top
walled by boulders broad and high
and a bullate tower where bats did fly

The coachman squirmed, sneered down to me
said, “...this be Castle Carmody” then
flung my trunk and travel case
with false respect and lack of grace

I forced a smile, grasped the whip,
as angry words spilled from my lips
“a man you are...but more you seem,
...a frightened child beset by dreams
of ogre, banshee, horned bats,
vampyr maidens who dance with rats”

Coachman snapped the reins and spat,
sped through fog like a jungle cat,
from the tower I did not see
six yellow eyes peered down at me

The huge wood door with monogram “C”
creaked open slowly... none to see,
a voice within rasped whisperingly
“...please enter dear, ‘tis time for tea.”

Those words bare spake, the door crashed shut
anticipation braced my gut
I saw no shadows, just darkness where
three circled mists, long white hair,
to form before me in whitest white
...three vampyr ladies smiling bright

“Alicia, Clothilda, and Sobrikay!
Aunties dear, I am home to stay.
I’ve dined in England, Spain and France
of willing partners...not by chance,
seen the sights from here to Rome,
...Aunties...there’s no place like home”




Ned Pendergast is educated along classic lines, but his work runs the gamut of unbridled expression from experimental, narrative free form, rhyme and miscellaneous assigned custom constructed forms. Ned’s work has earned a few awards along the way and has found publication in Canada, Europe, Australia, Near East and the USA. He is a native San Franciscan with family. Ned’s poem, Come and Go, appears in the Winter 2016 issue of HelloHorror and his poem, A Lingering Smile, appears in the Summer 2016 issue.

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