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  Table of contents Issue Twenty-four THE TOOTH FAIRY


The Tooth Fairy comes at nightfall.
With attic eyes and
Blue jasmine hair.
It’ll look after your teeth now, Girl.
Her face shook like
A fright or an electric drill
When she fitted in the barn.
Her brains were like a farmyard.
She is a special friend
For Sally.
But, look again, now she’s dead.
Sally’s dead.

In 1999
She’s waiting on the moors with a broomstick.
Blue hair whipped up in the frost.
And, suddenly, the wind changes.

Tonight she’s in Phoebe’s room.
Phoebe thinks the Tooth Fairy doesn’t exist.
Phoebe’s gone missing.
Phoebe’s dead.




Natalie Crick, from Newcastle in the UK, has found delight in writing all of her life and first began writing when she was a very young girl. Her poetry is influenced by melancholic confessional Women's poetry. Her poetry has been published in a range of journals and magazines including Cannon's Mouth, Cyphers, Ariadne's Thread, Carillon and National Poetry Anthology 2013.

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