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Winter 2018






JASON MACKEY'S LAST RIDE Short Story by Gillian King-Cargile



POLISHED PRECIPICE Short Story by Ken Wallace



SUSAN'S ROOM Short Story by Mark W. Pederson



HIDE ME IN THE HILLS Short Story by Katie Krantz



BIOSINGULARITY Short Story by Jon Conley



UNTITLED Poem by Gregg Dotoli



HARVEY THE GHOST Short Story by Samantha Dahl



MAN IN A CHEAP BLACK SUIT Poem by Safwan Ibrahim



DOLLBABY Short Story by Phoebe Reeves-Murray



MEMORIES UNACCEPTED Short Story by Chris Glanzer



THE THIRD INDEX, PART 2 A Margot Le Platt Tale by Gary Clifton



SAFE ZONE Short Story by Bryan L Hawkins



MONDAY, OCTOBER 27 Poem by Lyn Lifshin



THE TOOTH FAIRY Poem by Natalie Crick



IN ABNEY PARK Short Story by Katherine L.P. King



JUST ANOTHER ANGIKUNI LAKE Short Story by David Anderson



BAD SHAKES Short Story by Angel Eduardo



GREEN GIGGLER Poem by Brendan McBreen



GHOSTS Short Story by Hallie M. Smith








The artwork featured on the Winter 2018 cover is "Old Nick, the Devil", c1935, by George File.

Winter 2018 cover by Ignacio Carrión.






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