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  Cover Issue 10 GROUND


Feathers contort

In spinning skies

Long white fingers

Air themselves

Greased yellow and flicked

From a car bonnet

Into a heart-stopping arc

Back to earth with a

Slack bang like a bucket

Dropped down a well

The moist tarmac slap

Slops the belly open


To a glossy bulbous red

Up close the mechanics

Of the body divide

Before frenzied eyes

Annular days tighten

Time stretching skin

Taut across its racks

Bloating body ink to grey

Shattered quills splinter

Heavy rubber

Hollowed out sad sack

Fading under tyre pressure

Perfecting an imprint

Of petrified life.




Lucy Winrow has a PhD in the poetry of Selima Hill and teaches poetry part-time at Salford University, UK; her research interests include embarrassment, shame, guilt and violence. She has had poems published in anthologies and journals in the UK and America including Popshot, Orbis, Ariadne's Thread and Puppywolf's anthologies The Best of Manchester Poets Vol 2 and Vol 3. Lucy's poem Petals appears in the June 2014 issue of HelloHorror.

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