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  Cover Issue 11 MEAT GRINDER


I take hormone fed


mercury laden humans

And I grind them

with my mind

Until this putrid hamburger spills out




From the fires of a Gypsy camp, come the curses and stories of this horror/whore named Roo. She can’t shake the ghost, who pines for Alice White. She wants to pluck the eyes of Louis Marvin, and use them as olives in a martini. www.roobardookie.com. Roo’s micro Cannibal School: Picking up Johnny appears in the August 2013 issue of HelloHorror, her micro Saint No. 2 appears in the October 2013 issue, her micro, Saint No. 1 appears in the December 2013 issue and her poem, Fuck You Dear Reader appears in the August 2014 issue of HelloHorror.

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