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    Table of Contents:
First Issue

    Jesus and Mary   Fossors  

Excerpt from the forthcoming Novel by Wade Murphy


Micro by Randy Simons

    Adam   During the Day He's a Good Man  

Excerpt from the forthcoming novel, Love is Sweeter by HC Hsu


Micro by Ignacio Carrion

    Blood Passion   A Typical Tuesday  

Short Story by Gary Clifton


Micro by Adrian Miro



  There Are Corpses  

Short Story by Chris Castle


Poem by David McLean

    Riders in the Storm   The Blow-Up Doll  

Short Story by Justin Joschko


Poem by Robert Petras

    Hide and Seek   Blood Types  

Short Story by Sarah McCullogh


Poem by John Grey

    The Precarious Man   Time Travel  

Short Story by Ben Murray


Poem by Valentina Cano


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Cover by Ignacio Carrion